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Most frequent questions and answers

The majority of the information concerning the efficacy of Ibogaine rests in the treatment of drug addiction. Data and experience accumulated over the last 12 years suggests a success rate of 60-80% measured at the six month point.

Clients will start to notice short term effects after about 1 hour. While patients have used many different words in discussing their Ibogaine experience, the most accurate description would be that Ibogaine creates an “introspective dream-like state.” This state allows the participants to revisit key memories with an otherwise unattainable insight, helping them to gain a deeper and more profound understanding of their past. This understanding helps these guests to forgive themselves, and this in turn removes negative emotions such as guilt, shame, hatred and anger – emotions that frequently contribute to addictive behaviors. Once these emotional chains have been removed, our guests can move forward with their lives.

The ‘dream-like state’ can last anywhere from 36-48 hours. The benefits of freedom from addiction will last a lifetime.

Though Ibogaine reduces cravings and symptoms of withdrawal, participants may still experience some of the milder symptoms.  Many of these mild reactions can be mitigated with short-acting medications.

Ibogaine by David Dardashti is designed to help free our clients from their addictions.  Day One and part of Day Two are used to get the client acclimated to the facility, and to finalize any paperwork. The treatment is administered at the end of Day Two. The next two days are utilized for the Ibogaine experience. During this time, the client is allocated a private room where he or she can be attended to and cared for by staff members. Treatment recovery usually happens early on Day Four. There are a number of activities that can be done before and after the treatment.  We recommend that clients set aside at least 1-2 weeks to spend at our treatment facility, with 5 days being the minimum possible time.

Absolutely – our services don’t stop once our guests leave our Mexico facility. Our follow up protocol includes phone calls, scheduled booster treatments, and networked support. We also encourage our guests to foster friendships with other guests and staff members, and to maintain these connections once they leave our facility. All of these actions encourage the guest to remain accountable and continue on his or her path toward freedom from addiction.

Ibogaine can be used to treat a variety of substance addictions, including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, alcohol, methamphetamine, tobacco, and even food addictions, to name a few.

Additionally, Ibogaine by David Dardashti can be used to treat a number of mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder, ADD and ADHD, depression, eating disorders, and post traumatic stress, among many others.

There are some uncommon risk factors that must be screened out but otherwise, treatment with Ibogaine is very safe.

Our website is full of information for anyone who is interested in using Ibogaine as a treatment for drug addiction or mental illness. It is important for anyone who is considering this treatment to educate themselves about the benefits that Ibogaine can have for people in the throes of mental illness or physical addiction. If you cannot find the information you’re looking for on the website, please give us a call or send us an email. We welcome your inquiries and are delighted to provide information to you directly.