Harnessing the Immune System to Heal Trauma

Of all the outstanding achievements of science, as of yet, one remains elusive:

We cannot build a living cell from scratch.

Even though all the components might be present, the ability to construct a cell truly from just its separate elements continues to elude us. 

Oh, to be sure, science has made amazing advances in this area, but always with a starting point of using another functioning cell first.

What can we take away from this? 

Well, simply, we can appreciate the wonder and power of nature to still have the answers to mysteries that are beyond our medical and scientific reach.

What is that spark that gives life…life? What allows an otherwise simple mechanism like a cell to replicate, divide into 2, 4, 6, 8, 32…. ?

And what happens when that spark in every cell is working 724 trillion times within our body?

Trusting the Body to Heal

The power of the human body is dizzying.

We trust it to make sense of the world, keep us aware of our surroundings, feel and connect with everything that is important to us.

And we trust it to execute unimaginable amounts of physiological processes every second.

The immune system is a part of this vast tapestry, and when working at full capacity, it can identify intrusions, seek out harmful elements, and keep us functioning at peak performance.

Too much of modern western medicine is focused on introducing external factors into the body to ‘treat’ or ‘manage’ the symptoms of issues.

But as Western society gradually wakes up to ancient holistic philosophies, we are seeing a renewed appreciation for the efficiency of our body’s own processes.

We combine the best of contemporary science and modern research with a deep respect for the human body, taking, whenever possible, a ‘light touch’ approach, and never interfering when we feel the own psyche can do a better job at helping our clients heal.

Every consultation at our facilities is deeply focused on allowing the body to have access to the information it needs to heal itself, by accessing the remnants of traumas stored in the subconscious, and providing the individual’s conscious mind the context and memories it requires to process and move forward.

Stay tuned for a series delving further into the relationship between our subconscious and its crucial role in our overall health.