A New Book to Provide a Clear and Simplified Understanding of Trauma

By David Dardashti

A fresh and simple take on understanding trauma in its most distilled form. Coming next week to the Kindle & Amazon book store.

Book cover for Trauma and the Mystery of the Subconscious by David Dardashti


A comprehensible look at Trauma, based on truth, and over 35 years of research.


Support from established trauma resources, and original data compiled from hundreds of trauma cases.


Stories directly from individuals who have seen their trauma healed through the neuro-stimulus technique.


About the Author

Rabbi David Dardashti has dedicated his life to the understanding the keys to human potential, happiness, and self-discovery. Through his work, he has helped hundreds of people discover the true power within themselves through his advice. He brings over 35 years of Kabbalah studies to his scientific approach to addressing the challenges of trauma, anxiety, and other common neurological problems through the neuro-stimulus techniques he has developed.

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