Find the root... Access the subconscious... Remember the trauma... And break free.

Helping people see and understand the complete picture of their lives.

Suffering from trauma and severe anxiety can often feel like being shielded from one’s true source of happiness and peace. Our mission is to help people access the repressed and damaged portions of their psyche, and reconnect with the true person within.

"What is Trauma?"

It’s a question asked far too infrequently by the medical establishment. But it’s one we’ve placed at the cornerstone of our practice. Please watch the video where David clearly explains trauma and the deep effect it can have on our life…and our bodies.

How Trauma Affects the Body

High Anxiety

Our mission is to treat the whole human, finding the root of anxieties and trauma, not just treating the symptoms.

Troublesome Memories

What can we achieve when we are truly free to see our full potential? We are passionate about building that strength.


A lack of desire to engage socially, or a drive to disconnect from relationships with friends and family. 

Mood Swings

Mood swings such as feelings of hopelessness, numbness or suicidal thoughts.


These can often manifest as troublesome or jarring memories or nightmares, interrupting sleep or other activities, making the person feel as if they are back in the traumatic situation.

Substance Abuse

Many forms of substance abuse are manifestations of trauma, literally the body attempting to repair and fill holes in the psyche, but without being able to understand the root cause.

The modern world has taken its toll on the human condition. But nature has all the answers. The ancient remedies and philosophies that can heal us are still all around us.

David Dardashti